May 2023

Zero Trust Security - What It Is and Why Organizations Must Adopt It in 2023

For a long time, organizations believed that cybersecurity attacks occurred due to bad external actors. They functioned on the belief that everything inside the organization is safe. They formulated security strategies and invested in cybersecurity technologies based on those beliefs. However, a closer look at the patterns and the rise in cybersecurity attacks revealed that internal networks, endpoints, and assets could equally pose cybersecurity risks to organizations.


December 2022

What Makes macOS Development Complicated and Why It Makes Sense to Work with Experts

Getting trained software developers for macOS is difficult compared to PC-based Windows or Linux programmers. The macOS itself has several development platforms, which makes it even more difficult to get access to programmers on each platform. The question is not whether programmers know scripting or coding in C++; the issue of expertise arises as the whole architecture and environment of macOS is different from that of mainstream PC programming on Windows.


September 2022

The Role of AI and ML in Shaping the Future of Endpoint Security

As the world of work adopts new ways of working, the focus on endpoint security will only increase. AL and ML will provide critical insight about incidents, empower an organization to respond faster, and make the security perimeter more relevant to the new world.


March 2022

Why VPNs are becoming obsolete?

Why VPNs are becoming obsolete? Are VPNs a thing of the past? Hope this article helps you get an answer.


March 2022

Endpoint Security in The Age of Remote Working

The days when remote working was limited to sales teams and field agents are long gone! The pandemic has ushered in a new era of hybrid work, where almost every company today is offering some form of remote working.


February 2022

How Enterprise Security Products Can Achieve Faster Time To Market

Unlike consumer security products that require only a few security boxes to be ticked during the development phase, enterprise security products are extremely complex to develop and secure because they are susceptible to a wider range of threats and risks.


July 2021

How to securely store the credentials?

I am sure every developer has encountered this question ‘How to securely store the credentials?’. This article explains a method of securely storing & transiting the credentials and retrieving them when needed.


April 2021

Time to move from Kernel Extension to System Extension

So if you are a developer still working on Kernel Extension, it’s time to move to System Extension.


February 2020

Hello Wordl!

We are excited to announce our new venture Incrux Technologies Private Limited.