Endpoint Security Engineering

Engineering endpoint security products requires thorough understanding of underlying operating system, and techniques to detect and defend against modern malware problems and advanced threats.

For developing such solutions, one has to think from the perspective of attackers/malware writers to understand the sophisticated Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) used to invade the system. This requires expertise to analyse and reverse engineer the malware/attacker behaviour, and come up with detection methods and solutions to protect the users.

Incrux team has two decades of experience in delivering endpoint security products/solutions, and has released effective and timely solutions to handle the malware attacks and have responded to various malware outbreaks with optimum turnaround time.

At the heart of any endpoint security solution is the ability to monitor operating system. It is about sensing and understanding every change going on in the system, and can be broadly categorized into monitoring Processes, File System changes and Network activities. When you have the ability to understand these areas, you have multiple ways to make sense out of it and come up with innovative solutions.

Incrux team has rich experience in understanding why, when, what and how behind engineering such Next-Gen endpoint security solutions.