Security Workflow Automation

Our project consisted of implementing Business Process Automation (BPA) for complex flows of the client in their day-to-day operations. During the implementation of the BPA, we used various latest tools and technologies such as python, celery, mongodb, nodejs, angular to automate the process.

This BPA ensures quality and consistency combined with savings in time and efficiency without increasing production time and costs. The manual and monotonous tasks took a lot of time and energy. These were performed sequentially by humans who are prone to error and are unable to operate uniformly to the highest standards.

This BPA reduces the number of tasks, frees up the client’s time to work on items that add genuine value to the business, allowing the client to be more innovative and increasing the employees’ levels of motivation.

This BPA has defined workflows that work consistently, precisely and within the defined timeframe. Key metrics are accessible on the Dashboard, notified and reported to the right process owners. Visibility enables continuous monitoring, evaluation and modification of the strategy - all of which depend on access to accurate and timely BPA data.

This BPA not only ensures the smooth operation and efficiency of the systems, but also ensures that errors are eliminated and that best practices are consistently applied. The reliability of workflow automation ensures that processes critical to enterprise governance are performed 100% of the time in accordance with the customer's compliance requirements.

This BPA enabled the customer to accomplish a critical process with optimised resources, eliminate human errors and improved efficiency and productivity.