About Us

The name Incrux indicates getting to the very crux of any problem and coming up with the right solution.

With years of experience in developing Security and deep Systems level products we have realized that these projects are complex and require niche experience in Systems & Security domain in order to come up with the optimum solution. Incrux was started with the goal of helping technology companies to acclerate their products and solutions in this area.

We are a team

Technologists with 90+ years of experience in product development & cyber security with broad expertise across Development, Quality Engineering and deep experience in analyzing malware & cyber threats.

Proficient in Kernel/Device Drivers, Network Programming, Cloud and Endpoint solutions ranging from Windows, Linux, Mac to Mobile platforms.

Considerable experience in managing retail, SME, and enterprise products with multi-million customers delivering the right user experience.

Passionate & adept at product engineering and converting ideas/innovations to products having taken multiple 1.0 releases to stability.