Your Trusted Technology Partner with a Solid Security DNA

Hello World!

We are excited to announce our new venture Incrux Technologies Private Limited.

The name Incrux indicates getting to the very crux of any problem and coming up with the right solution.

We aim to:

  • Deliver value to our partners through simple and top-notch security solutions and technology.
  • Enrich our customers' cybersecurity through security testing services for web, mobile and legacy/native applications.

As a company, our core values are:

  • To be trustworthy and have the highest standard of ethics and integrity.
  • To be respectful, collaborative and harmonious with the stakeholders and nature.
  • To strive for simplicity and perfection.

We have tried to capture the above ethos in our logo, a “dolphin”. Dolphins are intelligent and incredibly social creatures who exhibit great teamwork and are always in quest of new knowledge. And who doesn't like the sight of a dolphin in flight?

As a team, we bring in vast experience in:

  • Developing and delivering end-to-end cybersecurity products.
  • Converting ideas into products.
  • Working on deep Windows Systems, Kernel, Cloud and Machine learning projects spanning Development, Quality Engineering and Threat Research across Endpoint & Cloud Technologies.
  • Analysing Malware/Cyber Threats and delivering the right solution.

Our team has:

  • Published multiple international papers and have been speakers at several international security conferences.
  • A CVE to our name.
  • Built and managed big (200+ member) teams in the past.

We can add enormous value if you plan to outsource technology work:

  • Related to Cyber Security.
  • Related to complex Windows Kernel/Device Drivers.
  • On Windows/MAC/Linux Systems, Cloud, Web, Mobile.
  • For converting your legacy applications to Cloud Native.

With our extensive experience in security, you can count on us for:

  • Deep Penetration Testing.
  • Pinpointed Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Establishing your DevSecOps practices.

If you find this exciting, please reach out to us at